With your calm and accommodating demeanor, you were able to diffuse and calm an emotional and at times frustrating situation and calm both parties as we evaluated our options and began to move toward resolution. The judge, when reviewing our documents, said that “our paperwork was complete, thorough and obviously well prepared”…a testament to your work in getting us on the same page. He went on to say that “sometimes the parties cannot agree on what day of the week it is let alone distribution of assets and parenting time.” All of this preparation and agreement greatly benefits the minor children.
— KO
Ellen is a fantastic mediator! She was our second mediator as my ex-husband struggled with the first mediator and even gave Ellen trouble at first, but she was able to quickly diffuse the situation and allow my ex to gain composure and look at things from a business and not a personal standpoint. Ellen stays calm, focused, and unbiased throughout all the meetings and that sets the tone for the room and helps to keep her clients calm and focused as well.

She has a lovely demeanor and really cares about the well being of her clients. She’s readily available and will return calls promptly. Her drive and compassion to get the job done with as little carnage as possible is striking and sincere. She’s an amazing mediator and a very warm human being. I would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce, especially a highly contentious one as she has the tools and patience to disarm and focus even the most volatile of couples going through this process. Thank you for making a painful process less so and supporting us all the way through.
— MW
Ellen was the primary attorney mediator for The Center for Out of Court Divorce. I was involved in creating the Center and served on its Board. As a mediator, Ellen was expert, professional, knowledgeable, responsive and compassionate. She was an integral part of the team at the Center, and always focused on the best interests of the families we were serving.
— Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis, Colorado Supreme Court (Ret.)
Ellen Squires receives the highest endorsement I can offer. In 2017 she provided expert, informed, compassionate and fair services to my ex- and I, in what was clearly a difficult situation. She was straightforward, balanced and completely trustworthy in her counsel, and efficient and buttoned-up in the process. The mediation moved quickly for us. Ellen served as a trusted “anchor” when we were each bobbing around, uninformed and emotional. She helped us navigate to solutions that were right for our kids and each of us. You won’t find a more capable partner.
— JW
Divorce sucks.

There’s no two ways about it - even if your split is amicable, divorce is messy, emotions are high and the court system is positively labyrinthine. Ellen helped us keep our dealings business-like and logic-driven, while helping us navigate the waters of a very challenging time for our family.

I can’t give a stronger recommendation for Ellen’s expertise, calm demeanor and voice of reason.
— JD
I can’t thank Ellen enough for her expertise, compassion, patience, and guidance to execute a fair and equitable outcome. Additionally, she has provided that continued guidance, going above and beyond!

I highly recommend going through mediation and using Ellen to guide you through this process. Divorce is hard enough, make it easier by starting here and hiring Ellen. Thanks Ellen!
— DA
Ellen was amazing with her guidance and compassion to help us navigate thru this huge change in our lives. She helped remind us that the children are the main focus.