Ellen Squires is an accomplished attorney mediator, with expertise in all aspects of family law.

She is an effective communicator, known for providing a calming influence in contentious, hostile environments and is consistently commended for her patience, humor, and creative problem solving.

Over the years, Ellen has helped hundreds of families save tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees by keeping cases out of court.


Ellen is particularly adept at helping divorcing and separating couples who wish to proceed without attorneys, navigate the dissolution process from start to finish. She can help parties with procedural issues, introduce them to the relevant forms, answer questions about filing paperwork, and walk them through the mandatory financial disclosure process.

Ellen can explain the basics regarding allocation of parental responsibilities, property division, and calculation of maintenance and child support and share with couples what to expect at their initial status conference with the Court and their uncontested, permanent orders hearing.

Finally, Ellen can draft a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding that acts as a Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan (if there are children) that can be filed with the Court.