Mediation Association of Colorado

Did you know that Colorado does not have any mediation training or licensing requirements?

This means anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a mediator. In response, The Mediation Association of Colorado, or “MAC” for short, was formed in 1983 to ensure the public has a way to access experienced and qualified mediators.

In order to become a professional MAC member, mediators must go through a rigorous vetting process. This includes providing proof that the applicant been through a comprehensive, 40 hour mediation training program, has mediated 10 or more cases covering a minimum of 100 hours, takes enough continuing education courses each year, and abides by the MAC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy and Procedure. Qualified candidates must even pass a criminal background check!

I'm a proud professional member of MAC and am honored to be joining their board. My MAC membership is a reflection of my significant mediation training and experience as well as my enduring commitment to high ethical standards of professional conduct.